Blueprint Nebraska has established 16 Industry Councils charged with digging deep into their respective areas. A collaboration of business leaders and subject matter experts, each council will offer recommendations to the Steering Committee regarding the needs, opportunities and long-term growth potential of their respective fields.

Agriculture Industry Council

Production agriculture, including precision agriculture; value-added agriculture, which includes food processing and manufacturing; and biosciences, including agricultural feedstock and chemicals, life science industries, and ethanol.

Banking & Finance Industry Council

Banking; fin tech; payment processing; finance; insurance.

Community Vitality Industry Council

Community development; diversity & inclusion; leadership development; programs and processes that support and develop a sense of pride in place; entertainment, fine, visual and performing arts; public art; community support for the arts; historic and current Nebraska culture; preservation of culture and subculture in Nebraska; wellness & outdoor life; “main streets”; quality of life.

Education Attainment Industry Council

Early childhood education; K-12 education; post-secondary/higher education; education policy; education attainment; STEM education; financial literacy; education funding; improved access of business to higher education research.

Energy & Natural Resources Industry Council

Infrastructure investment; efficiency; education; alternative energy production; water; energy & resource innovation.

Entrepreneurship Industry Council

New business development, lifestyle to small/medium enterprise; job creation; access to capital; Angel funding; incubator spaces; resources.

Healthcare Industry Council

Population health and wellness; quality, access, and care; healthcare workforce; innovation; public policy; healthcare education.

Housing Industry Council

Workforce housing; low to moderate income housing; market housing; mixed-income housing; financial literacy; innovation in housing finance models.

Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Industry Council

Integrating all areas of diversity into every aspect of economic prosperity.

Manufacturing Industry Council

Taxes; regulation; energy; workforce and skill development; transportation.

Military & Veterans Affairs Industry Council

Preserving Nebraska-based military assets; supporting military families; integrating veterans into the economy; significant other employment options; child care.

Sites Development Industry Council

Location; purpose; funding; ownership.

Taxation & Incentives Industry Council

Examination of the constitutional and legal framework of the Nebraska tax system; matching the tax structure to the economy; establishing evaluative criteria for effective and efficient taxation; business and tax incentives; policy development to target high growth/high value business and industry; incentives supporting growth at all stages of the business life cycle; business development, retention, expansion, and attraction.

Technology & Innovation Industry Council

High-growth business development; innovation funding; STEM education; commercialization; broadband; ease of access to research.

Transportation & Infrastructure Industry Council

Rail; air; truck transportation; logistics; warehousing; supply chain; “harvest” the interstate.

Workforce Industry Council

Public-private partnerships; targeted sectors and populations; regional solutions; retention and attraction; workforce development districts; financial literacy; significant other employment options; child care; healthcare education; diversity & inclusion; leadership development.