Over the next few months, Blueprint Nebraska will gather feedback, opinions and ideas from two main sources:

First, as you may have noticed, there is a link to a survey at the bottom of every page on this website. We invite you to take the survey and share your thoughts, as well as sign up to stay informed about where we are in the process.

Second, over the next few months, Blueprint Nebraska team members will visit dozens of communities and events across the state, reaching every economic development region.

These efforts, along with other forms of outreach and input, will give us a much clearer picture of our state’s economic health, its possibilities, and what other groups are already doing to advance Nebraska’s future.

Additionally, 16 Industry Councils are being created to look at specific challenges and opportunities in their respective fields. Made up of business leaders and subject matter experts, these Councils will provide recommendations to the Steering Committee.

Finally, in Spring 2019, the Steering Committee will issue a comprehensive report that will recommend five or six areas that it believes Nebraskans must focus on in order to achieve the ultimate goal of long-lasting economic prosperity for everyone.