Working to create a new standard of sustainable economic prosperity for all Nebraskans.

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Public Release Event!

TODAY at 11:40 a.m. (CDT), Co-Chairs Lance Fritz and Owen Palm joined by others in a virtual public release of the Blueprint Nebraska report. The event will be broadcast live from Lincoln, Broken Bow, and Omaha. 

Community Survey 2018

The Blueprint Nebraska Industry Council focus areas appear to cover issues of importance to respondents.

Respondents are proud of Nebraska, their communities, their work ethic, their educational institutions, and the high quality products produced.


In 2017, Nebraska celebrated 150 years of statehood. And while our collective past has included its fair share of challenges (and opportunities), it has brought us to where we are today – living the good life among good neighbors and friends.

And Blueprint Nebraska aims to keep it that way. Only better.

We are, after all, Nebraskans.

Sowing the seeds of economic prosperity

Nebraska Blueprint is a group of business and industry leaders who have come together with the common goal of making sure the Nebraska of tomorrow is even better than the already-wonderful Nebraska of today. This diverse group of people represent interests from across the state and across industries – agriculture to high tech, health care to retail, and everything in between.

Nebraska Blueprint is neither a government agency nor an academic institution. And while we will certainly work with and alongside any organizations that affect our state’s success, we consider ourselves beholden to just one group: The people of Nebraska.

Our mission, which we have enthusiastically chosen to accept, is to provide a strategic plan that offers a clear path towards sustained economic prosperity for all. It’s just that simple. And that challenging.


Let’s be honest. Groups like Blueprint Nebraska are often viewed with more than a bit of skepticism. We get that. We also get that for some of Nebraskans, “the good life” could be better. And that “pretty good for most” is a long way from “truly great for all.” For now, all we can do is promise that this process won’t bring about more of the same. But keep watching (and even participating) – we believe our actions will speak themselves.

Because in the end, we want to do nothing less than help two million people write their own success stories.